Aakash Chopra’s IPL Suggestions: Bonus Points & Changes

Aakash Chopra's IPL Proposals: Bonus Points & Changes

Aakash Chopra, a renowned former Indian cricketer with a deep understanding of the game, has presented two compelling rule changes that aim to augment the thrill and excitement of the upcoming IPL season. The introduction of the Impact Player rule by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has undeniably elevated the level of anticipation in IPL 2023 matches, as teams are now allowed to include an additional batsman and bowler, thereby expanding their strategic options during the game.

This innovative rule has already made a noticeable impact on the matches, with the average scores in each inning, including those achieved during the powerplay, experiencing a significant surge. Capitalizing on this positive trend, Chopra proposes two additional rules that have the potential to further enhance the IPL experience. The first suggestion involves implementing the Bonus Point rule, a successful feature already witnessed in other T20 leagues. According to Chopra, this rule would effectively diminish the overwhelming reliance on net run rate as a deciding factor and instead reward teams that emerge victorious by significant margins.

Taking to Twitter to elaborate on his proposal, Chopra succinctly states, “I believe it would be prudent to introduce Bonus Points for teams that secure substantial victories. Net run rate calculations can become quite convoluted over the course of 14 games. By providing a tangible reward for teams that perform exceptionally well, such a rule would sustain interest in the tournament for a more extended period.”

In addition to the Bonus Point rule, Chopra advocates for the simultaneous commencement of the final leg games, aligning with the practice followed by other renowned leagues worldwide.

This adjustment would effectively neutralize any undue advantage gained by teams playing the evening matches, who currently possess prior knowledge of the precise calculations required to surpass opponents based on net run rate. To drive home his point, Chopra highlights a specific example involving a match between Lucknow Super Giants and Chennai Super Kings, where the latter team played their game before the former.

Underscoring the necessity for simultaneous starts, Chopra emphasizes, “It is imperative that all final leg games begin simultaneously. At present, Lucknow Super Giants hold an advantage due to their foreknowledge of the exact requirements needed to surpass Chennai Super Kings in net run rate, owing to the latter team playing their match earlier. The same scenario will unfold tomorrow, contingent upon the outcomes of today’s matches.”

The Impact Player rule has already injected an exhilarating element into the ongoing IPL 2023 season, fostering a closely contested race for the coveted playoff berths. Whether the esteemed Board of Control for Cricket in India will seriously consider and implement Aakash Chopra’s suggestions remains to be seen, as their potential to elevate the tournament’s overall appeal is unquestionable.

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