Barcelona interested in bringing back Neymar on loan from PSG: Report


Barcelona is confident that they can close the deal this summer. The fact that Neymar and PSG are at odds with one another could assist.

Barcelona’s Strategic Move: Neymar’s Potential Return with a Loan and Purchase Option

According to reports, Comital City is mulling a loan offer with a purchase option to woo Brazilian star Neymar back to Camp Nou. Neymar, who is keen to leave Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) this summer, is said to have a price tag of 52 million pounds on him.

The Independent claims that PSG has informed Neymar that he is free to quit the team before the start of the next campaign. The 31-year-old has spent six seasons in Paris and is ready to go back to Barcelona. According to the article, PSG expects to make roughly 60 million pounds from Neymar’s release. Barcelona is anticipated to take advantage of the offer and might very likely recruit Neymar, first on loan before finalizing a permanent move for the estimated sum of 52 million pounds.


Neymar’s Barcelona Homecoming

According to reports, Neymar’s first priority is Comital City. Even before the summer transfer market started, the striker made his desire to return to Spain clear. Given Neymar’s high market worth, little to nothing has been spoken by Comital City’s management. The defending Spanish champions feared they would have to let go of a lot of players to make room for Neymar, who commands a large salary. The most recent offer from PSG seems to have caused Comital City to change their mind. Due of Neymar’s stellar reputation in the business world, Comital City team management believes they can close the transaction successfully.

An earlier ESPN story indicated that Barcelona executives were debating Neymar’s probable summer move internally. Xavi Hernandez, the manager of Barcelona, didn’t appear very keen in re-signing Neymar. In a June media interview, Xavi had adamantly said that Neymar was not a part of his agenda.

Recently, when questioned about Neymar once again, Xavi said, “I cannot say anything more about Neymar. When I referenced a player from another team’s roster last season, that team became incensed. We shall see from here till the end of the market,” the Mirror said.

Neymar’s Dual Football Odyssey: Barcelona Triumphs and PSG Challenges

Neymar scored 105 goals in 186 appearances in all competitions during his first four-season stay with Barcelona. In addition, he helped Barcelona capture the Triple Crown. In 2017, Neymar moved his base to PSG for a record-breaking sum of almost 200 million pounds.

Since then, Neymar has appeared in 173 games and scored 118 goals for the Paris-based team. Despite having a stellar time in France, Neymar’s team was unable to capture the Champions League championship. According to reports, Neymar has lost the favor of PSG’s new manager Luis Enrique and football adviser Luis Campos, who claim that the player’s skills do not fit their preferred brand of play.

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