Fortnite Support Studio Reveals New Sci-Fi Shoot ‘Em Up, Let Them Come: Onslaught


Let Them Come: Onslaught, a sci-fi survival shoot ’em up, is the title of Tuatara Games’ next undertaking.

Although Tuatara Games has previously developed games (Bare Butt Boxing was launched in May), it is likely most recognized for its work as a AAA VFX support firm that has contributed to titles like Valorant, Fortnite, Godfall, and more. In the first half of 2024, Let Them Come: Onslaught will be made available on PC via Steam Early Access. Players in Let Them Come: Onslaught take control of a lone survivor on an alien world who must fend off swarms of animals by setting off nuclear weapons in order to destroy the planet.

According to Tuatara Games, the game has a variety of weaponry, such as a flamethrower, laser beam, electric grenade, orbital attacks, and more, as well as dynamic weather. Your soldier’s health, protection, decreased weapon cooldowns, and field-activated shields may all be upgraded as you dispatch swarms of alien enemies. You must spend the XP you gain on each run in order to get these improvements.

The creator of Tuatara Games, Klemen Lozar, said in a press statement that the company is “huge fans of this emerging gameplay experience” and is “thrilled to reveal our love letter to the games that inspired us.” “Through adrenaline-pumping experiences with the best visuals of the genre, survivors can expect to fight for their lives through our team’s VFX expertise,” the statement said.

Roguelite aspects are present in Let Them Come: Onslaught as well, which means that a lot will be lost between each run. However, you keep the credits you earn on the battlefield, and you can use them at the Armory to buy long-lasting improvements.

Let Them Come: Onslaught will launch on Steam Early Access sometime in Q1 2024, according to Tuatara Games. The price is $4.99. According to the developers, “The decision to launch first on Early Access comes from [the] continued knowledge in incorporating improvements to ensure that the final 1.0 launch is as optimized as possible.”

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