Heath Streak got diagnosed with cancer

Heath Streak got diagnosed with cancer

Heath Streak, a former captain of the Zimbabwean cricket team and widely recognized as one of the nation’s greatest cricketers, is presently in critical condition, and his life hangs in the balance. The Zimbabwe cricket community and the sporting world as a whole have issued calls for prayers, urging people to pray for his recovery.

At 49 years old, Streak, who represented Zimbabwe in 65 Test matches and 189 One Day Internationals (ODIs), is currently receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Johannesburg. His family is reportedly making an urgent journey from London to be by his side.

The Sports Minister of Zimbabwe took to Twitter and shared the following update: “Heath Streak’s health is rapidly deteriorating. Let us all let him remain in our prayers.”

David Coltart, a former Zimbabwean Minister of Education, Sport, Arts & Culture, and a human rights lawyer, made an appeal, saying, “I urge prayer warriors in #Zimbabwe and beyond. Let us come together in prayer for him and his family.”

Sean Williams, a current Zimbabwean cricketer and a close friend of Streak, shed some light on his health condition. Williams revealed, “Heath has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon and liver cancer. At this stage, I only know that his immediate family has been summoned to South Africa, and I am unaware of any further details. I reached out to Heath, and he responded, but I believe his family now wishes for privacy.

The cancer appears to be progressing rapidly since he was out fishing just last week. Heath is my mentor, and he has made a significant positive impact on many lives, including mine. He essentially saved my life and career. Let us pray for his well-being.”

Streak holds the distinction of being the first Zimbabwean cricketer to achieve 100 wickets. However, after retiring, he faced troubles with anti-corruption authorities and was subsequently banned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for a period of eight years in 2021.

Despite the circumstances, he remains in good spirits and will confront this disease with the same determination he displayed during his illustrious cricketing career.

“The family kindly asks for your understanding and respect for their wish to keep this matter private. They express gratitude for your prayers and well-wishes. Currently, no further official updates on his health will be provided. Any news that becomes public should be regarded as mere speculation,” said Joseph Rego, a close friend of Streak and the president & board chairman of the Academy Of Cricket Excellence, who spoke as a spokesperson on behalf of Streak’s family.

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