MS Dhoni groomed the bowlers and left them with Virat Kohli: Ishant Sharma

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Ishant Sharma has expressed his perspective on the contrasting captaincy styles of Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, highlighting Dhoni’s role in nurturing Indian bowlers and leaving a well-prepared arsenal for Kohli. Both Dhoni and Kohli hold distinguished positions as highly successful Test cricket captains for India.

Ishant Sharma’s Insights: MS Dhoni’s Role in Bowling Development and Kohli’s Leadership

Addressing the subject, Ishant Sharma shared insights on the captaincy shift from MS Dhoni, who led the Test team from 2008 to 2014, securing victory in 28 out of 60 matches during his tenure. Dhoni’s stint culminated with his retirement from Test cricket during the 2014 Australia tour, at which point Kohli took over the reins.

Virat Kohli is renowned for his noteworthy leadership as one of India’s most triumphant Test cricket captains, orchestrating memorable series wins, including in Australia. Under Kohli’s leadership, India triumphed in 40 out of 68 matches, marking a significant achievement for an Indian captain.

In an interview with JioCinema, Ishant Sharma lauded Kohli’s captaincy prowess, while also underscoring the seamless transition facilitated by MS Dhoni. Ishant highlighted Dhoni’s invaluable role in developing bowlers and ensuring a robust bowling lineup before handing over the captaincy. The fast bowler also commended Dhoni’s aptitude for nurturing the team’s bowlers, thereby setting the stage for Kohli.

Ishant Sharma further accentuated Kohli’s knack for understanding each player’s unique qualities during his tenure as captain.

“Virat was exceptional in his role. When he assumed captaincy, our bowling unit was already well-rounded. In contrast, during the Mahi bhai era, we were undergoing a transition. That was when the likes of Shami and Umesh were newcomers, and I was the sole experienced bowler. The others were on rotation, and Bhuvneshwar Kumar was also relatively new. It’s undeniable that Mahi bhai excelled as a communicator.

His pivotal contribution lay in refining the bowlers and bequeathing them to Virat. Gradually, Shami and Umesh transformed into different bowlers, followed by Jasprit Bumrah’s entry. Consequently, Virat inherited a comprehensive bowling package. A striking aspect was Mahi bhai’s knack for identifying each individual’s strengths, tailoring his interactions accordingly,” explained Ishant Sharma.

Ishant went on to portray Kohli’s captaincy style as marked by aggression and a strong appetite for wickets.

“Foremost, Virat exuded aggression. When we commenced with the new ball, conceding 25 runs in five overs was acceptable, provided we captured two wickets. He displayed a keen inclination to assign well-defined roles. He personally approached me, stating, ‘Given your experience, it’s time for you to elevate your performance. Abandon the mindset of sticking to specific areas; now, your focus should be on devising strategies to claim wickets.’ A similar approach was extended to Shami, with Virat urging him to maintain consistent performance, even if it entailed delivering maiden overs.

He approached Bumrah with the directive, ‘While you’re making your debut, maintain your distinctive style, but unwavering consistency is paramount in Test cricket.’ Post 2021, I discerned that he yearned for us to explore innovative methods,” Ishant Sharma reflected.

In sum, Ishant Sharma has provided a nuanced perspective on the captaincy dynamics between Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. His account showcases how MS Dhoni’s mentorship bolstered the bowling department before Kohli’s tenure, and how Kohli’s aggressive leadership spurred bowlers to excel by embracing defined roles and innovative thinking.

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