Samantha Ruth Prabhu aces Downward Dog pose during Aerial Yoga class in Bali. Read benefits for midweek motivation


Samantha Ruth Prabhu uploaded a video of herself doing the Downward Dog Aerial Yoga stance in Bali. For inspiration in the middle of the week, read its advantages.

Bali Vacation and Wellness Journey: Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Health Focus

Ruth Prabhu and her friend Anusha Swamy are having a great time in Bali. The actress recently said that she will take a vacation from performing to pay attention to her health and get treatment for the auto-immune disease myositis. Samantha traveled throughout the nation after announcing her time off before departing for Bali. She has been posting photos from her trip, and the most recent one shows her doing yoga at the resort’s gym. For inspiration throughout the week, read all the advantages of the posture.


Aerial yoga pose of the Downward Dog by Samantha Ruth Prabhu

On her Instagram stories, Ruth Prabhu posted a video of herself performing the downward dog posture (Adho Mukha Svanasana) with an aerial yoga twist. Day 2 [white heart emoji] was the caption, and she tagged her buddy Anusha Swamy. In Bali, Samantha is shown in the photo participating in an aerial yoga lesson at her resort. Samantha stabilized her body on the harness by resting her lower torso on it to do the Downward Dog Aerial Yoga stance. She then performed the asana by bending forward while maintaining her torso straight and extending her hands to touch the ground. The video is below.


Benefits of Downward Dog Aerial Yoga Pose

Here are some reasons to practice the Downward Dog Aerial Yoga stance that will motivate you to get moving throughout the middle of the week. The benefits of the downward dog pose include strengthening the upper body, lengthening the spine, improving circulation, strengthening the hands, wrists, and fingers, and relieving tension and stress.

In addition, the hammock draws attention to the muscles used in the Downward Dog Aerial Pose. This enables deeper stretching of the muscles in the hamstrings, calves, biceps, triceps, spine, and shoulders.

Sam’s post about Bali

Samantha has been vacationing in Bali in the meanwhile. She had previously posted images from her picturesque stroll, enjoying the green sights and relaxing in the great outdoors.

On the professional front, Samantha just finished filming the Indian episode of the online series Citadel. Along with Vijay Deverakonda, she also has Kushi.

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