Saudi fans turn their attention to Messi after Ronaldo’s signing


Saudi Arabia has emerged as a leading player in the world of sports in recent years. The country has been making significant efforts to establish itself as a hub for sporting events, and the signing of Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo by Saudi club Al Nassr last year was a major milestone in that regard.

Now, Saudi football fans are eagerly awaiting news of another major signing – Argentine football legend Lionel Messi. Reports suggest that Saudi club Al Hilal has offered Messi a deal worth around $400 million a year, which would make him the highest-paid athlete in the world.

If Messi accepts the offer, it would be a historic moment for Arab football and would help “bring the world together,” according to fans. Ronaldo’s arrival in Saudi Arabia has already helped to position the country as a major player in the sporting industry, under the guidance of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The kingdom has been hosting high-profile sporting events across various disciplines, including football, boxing, and motorsports. It is also preparing to hold the 2029 Asian Winter Games in its new megacity, Neom.

The Saudi government’s push to establish itself as a leading sports destination is part of a broader strategy to diversify the country’s economy away from oil. The sports sector is expected to play a key role in achieving this goal, with the government investing heavily in sports infrastructure and facilities.

According to Tareq Alnassar, an entrepreneur and football enthusiast in Jeddah, the kingdom’s efforts to establish itself as a top player in sports are helping to showcase its leadership.

The excitement among Saudi fans about the possibility of Messi joining Al Hilal is palpable. Many fans have followed Messi’s career closely, and some have even travelled to Barcelona to watch him play. The prospect of seeing Messi play in Saudi Arabia has been described as a dream come true.

“The fans are very excited. They are waiting to see if Messi will come to Saudi Arabia and if he will play for Al Hilal,” said Ahmad Al-Ali, a sports commentator in Riyadh. “The fans are hoping that he will accept the offer and that he will be able to help Al Hilal win trophies.”

The potential signing of Messi by Al Hilal is also expected to have a significant impact on the country’s football industry. Saudi Arabia’s football league has been improving in recent years, with the national team qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. However, the addition of high-profile players like Ronaldo and Messi is expected to help raise the league’s profile and attract more fans and investment.

“Messi signing it might be like a game changing factor for Saudi football,” said Al Ali. It would also help raise the level of play, as other players would be inspired to play alongside Messi.”

The Saudi government’s investment in sports is also expected to have a positive impact on the country’s economy. The sports sector is a major contributor to the global economy, with revenues from sports-related activities estimated at $756 billion in 2018. By investing in sports infrastructure and facilities, Saudi Arabia is hoping to create jobs, boost tourism, and attract foreign investment.

“The sports sector has huge potential to contribute to the Saudi economy,” said Alnassar.

In conclusion, the potential signing of Lionel Messi by Saudi club Al Hilal has generated excitement among Saudi football fans and is expected to have a significant impact on the country’s football industry.