‘Scared of…’: PM Modi slams Opposition over Manipur, rakes up Bengal poll violence

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In response to the violence in Manipur, Narendra Modi attacked the opposition, saying that they were fomenting unrest throughout the country.

PM Modi Condemns Opposition’s No-Confidence Motion and Accuses TMC of Violence in West Bengal Elections”

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the opposition for the violence in Manipur and said that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA government responded appropriately to those sowing discord around the country with the no-confidence vote.

“We defeated the opposition’s no-confidence motion in Parliament and gave a befitting reply to those spreading negativity in the entire nation,” Modi said in a video address to the BJP’s Kshetriya Panchayati Raj Parishad in West Bengal. Midway through the session, opposition members fled the chamber. The reality is that they were afraid to vote on the motion of no confidence.

In addition, he criticized the Trinamool Congress for its role in the violence that marred the West Bengal panchayat election. During the Bengal elections, Modi claimed that Mamata Banerjee’s TMC threatened the BJP candidates and engaged in booth capture.

pm modi

Goons are given contracts in Bengal: PM Modi

“They take all necessary steps to make sure that no BJP candidate can submit their candidacy… Not only do they endanger BJP members, but also votes. Contracts are issued to goons to seize booths…They conduct state politics in this manner. Added Modi.

Violence has been used to intimidate the opposition… However, I commend those party members who, despite threats, prevailed in recent rural Bengal elections,” Modi said.

A no-confidence motion was rejected by the NDA government in Parliament on Thursday after a furious statement by the premier at the conclusion of a three-day debate. Shortly after opposition lawmakers, including Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress party, left the room, the motion was lost in a voice vote conducted by the lower house speaker, according to television pictures.

PM Modi Optimistic About No-Confidence Motion Outcome and Criticizes Opposition’s Priorities

The no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha prompted Modi to respond, “No-confidence motion has always been lucky for us; this one also will ensure we will return with a record-breaking mandate.”

The prime minister had said that “there was a need for discussion on important bills aimed at the welfare of people, but the Opposition was interested in politicking.”

The prime minister made fun of the Congress by claiming that the Opposition’s tallest leader does not appear on the list of speakers and that Amit Shah’s generosity led him to provide Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury time.

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