Ranking the Top 8 WWE Superstars in Contention for the Upcoming World Heavyweight Championship


Started on Monday, WWE’s RAW is holding a series of matches that will lead to a one-on-one match for the new World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions later this month. The 8 competitors vying for the title have been revealed, and here they are ranked in terms of their chances of becoming the new world champion.

Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed is a talented wrestler in NXT, but he may not be ready for a world championship win at this stage of his career. He needs to establish himself on the main roster first.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is a veteran of the wrestling industry and a former world champion, but his recent performances have not been up to his usual standards. He’s struggling to win matches and may be past his prime.

Keith Lee

Keith Lee has shown potential on the main roster, but his recent injuries have kept him out of action for a significant amount of time. He needs to regain his momentum and prove himself before he can be considered a top contender.

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston is a former world champion and a reliable performer for WWE, but he’s been in a tag team with Xavier Woods for most of the past year and hasn’t been in the singles spotlight.

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley has had a tumultuous few years in WWE, but he remains a dominant force. However, he recently held the world championship and may not be in line for another reign just yet.

Austin Theory

Austin Theory is the current United States champion, so he’s unlikely to win the world championship at this time. However, he’s a young talent with potential to become a future champion.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is a former world champion who has been a consistent top performer for WWE. He’s currently embroiled in a heated rivalry with Edge and could potentially use that momentum to win the world championship.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton is a seasoned veteran who has won multiple world championships in his career. He’s currently involved in a feud with Riddle, but he’s always a threat to win the championship in any given match.

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