Hardik Pandya – You need to be a proper devil to hate MSD

Hardik Pandya

Gujarat Titans skipper, Hardik Pandya, expressed deep admiration for the iconic Mahendra Singh Dhoni, emphasizing that it requires a truly malevolent nature to harbor any grudges against the talismanic cricketer. Pandya also addressed the speculation surrounding Dhoni’s potential retirement from the Indian Premier League (IPL), while dispelling the common misconception that the highly accomplished former Indian captain is a serious and stern individual.

As the Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans geared up to clash in Qualifier 1 at the renowned MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, Pandya shared his heartfelt sentiments in a video released by the Gujarat Titans on various social media platforms. He ardently declared, “I will forever remain a devoted fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, much like the countless fans and cricket enthusiasts around the world. Only someone truly wicked could nurture feelings of hatred towards such an exceptional individual like Mahendra Singh Dhoni.”

Dhoni’s remarkable resurgence from the previous season has once again thrust him into the limelight, as the Chennai Super Kings set their sights on clinching their fifth IPL title following a disappointing second-to-last finish in 2022. Despite grappling with leadership challenges in the previous campaign, CSK has displayed outstanding form this season, with the collective efforts of players such as Devon Conway, Ruturaj Gaikwad, and Ajinkya Rahane propelling the team toward the aura of a championship-winning unit.

Pandya graciously acknowledged the invaluable lessons he has learned from Dhoni, not through explicit discussions, but rather by keenly observing the veteran cricketer in action. He elaborated, “Many individuals perceive Mahi as an intensely serious person and all that. Personally, I am one who enjoys cracking jokes, and I don’t solely view him as Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the legendary cricketer. Undoubtedly, I have imbibed numerous positive traits by simply observing him, without even engaging in extensive conversations.”

As the defending IPL champions, Pandya and his team are resolute in their determination to retain the title they earned triumphantly last year by defeating the Rajasthan Royals. Additionally, Pandya expressed a heartfelt sentiment, considering Dhoni to be not just a cricketing companion but a brother with whom he can unwind and have fun. “To me, he is more than just a dear friend; he is my beloved brother, with whom I share pranks and leisurely moments,” Pandya affectionately added.

In a poignant tribute, the Gujarat Titans also shared a message describing Dhoni as a towering figure: “Captain. Leader. Legend. @msdhoni is an emotion.” This sentiment resonates deeply with fans and admirers of the revered cricketer, encapsulating the profound impact Dhoni has had on the sport and his everlasting legacy.

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