Why is Brock Lesnar not in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament?


During a recent episode of WWE RAW, Brock Lesnar made an unexpected appearance during Cody Rhodes’ World Heavyweight Championship qualifying match. This led fans to question why the ten-time world champion was not included in the championship tournament. Lesnar’s behaviour during the incident was reminiscent of his previous persona, in contrast to the benevolent cowboy character he has been portraying lately.

Lesnar’s attack on Rhodes ultimately led to a Night of Champions rematch between the two superstars, promising even more violence than their previous encounter. While Lesnar’s absence from the tournament may seem puzzling, there are several possible reasons for his exclusion.

Brock Lesnar does not want WWE World Heavyweight Championship

One possible explanation is that Lesnar may not need the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to validate his status as a walking main event. With his aura, drawing power, and accomplishments, any match he is part of already feels like a title bout, making him an attraction in himself.

Brock’s separation with Cody Rhodes

Another reason could be Lesnar’s storyline with Cody Rhodes, which may have played a role in his exclusion. After attacking Rhodes, Lesnar cited the latter’s main-event status at WrestleMania 39 as the reason behind his actions, hinting at a desire to reclaim his spot as the top star in WWE.

Brock is a part timer

Furthermore, Lesnar’s part-time status could be a factor. WWE has promised a champion who would show up and defend the title every week, which could be difficult to fulfil with Lesnar’s limited schedule, especially compared to current champion Roman Reigns.

Brock Lesnar might be leaving WWE

Finally, rumours of Lesnar leaving WWE could explain his exclusion. While it remains unclear whether he has renewed his contract or when it will expire, Lesnar’s recent behaviour and feud with Rhodes have sparked fears that he may be bidding farewell to the company. His free-agent status and breaking character to acknowledge fans could also indicate that he’s on his way out.

Although Lesnar’s absence from the championship tournament may seem peculiar, these reasons could explain why WWE decided not to include him. As always, Lesnar’s future in WWE remains uncertain, leaving fans eagerly waiting to see what’s next for The Beast.