Why is it important to communicate your needs if you are a people pleaser


Here are a few justifications for communicating the requirements, including creating genuine relationships and reducing emotional tension, which is important for our well-being and personal growth.

Breaking Free from People-Pleasing

We may have a tendency to become people-pleasers in our adult relationships when we were raised in dysfunctional environments. This forces us to put the needs of others above our own needs, desires, and expectations. “Many times, individuals who struggle with people-pleasing believe that keeping their sentiments and wants to themselves is beneficial to the relationship — maybe you avoid a quarrel, perhaps you don’t want to offend the other person. However, emotions and needs are resilient – they persist even if you don’t express them, they persist even if you ignore them, and they persist until you resolve them (by acknowledging, validating, or meeting them),” wrote therapist Israa Nasir in her essay on the significance of expressing needs.

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The Important Step of Expressing Needs and Emotions

Creating Genuine and Important Relationships may be made when a people-pleaser learns to express their needs; these ties are founded on honesty and equality rather than the fear of being left out. We begin to establish a place for intimacy and connection when we begin to express our wants and emotions. This invites more individuals to engage in conversation.

The ability to settle disputes and handle arguments in a healthy manner is made possible by conflict resolution skills, which teach us to be patient while delving deeply into disagreements and identifying the underlying reasons.

Avoid emotional build-up When we harbor many emotions without letting them out in a healthy manner, they begin to accumulate in the mind and eventually burst. We must learn to talk about our wants and feelings in order to avoid the same.

Emotional validation When we open up to trusted others about our wants and feelings, we also begin to experience emotional validation, which helps us understand that our emotions are just as significant as our requirements.

assist from others emotionally We should surround ourselves with secure individuals who can assist us emotionally and advance our self-awareness.

Healthy communication As we become better communicators, we open up channels of contact for others.

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