5 tips for doctors to take charge of their own health


Are you or someone you know a doctor? Here are some ways medical professionals may take control of their health to set an example for their colleagues and the community.

Doctor’s Health: Taking Ownership and Setting an Example

As all doctors have a natural enthusiasm for helping others, they play a crucial role in promoting health and setting a good example for their colleagues and the community. However, they often put themselves at danger of burnout or neglect their physical health. Are you or someone you know a doctor?

With some advice on how physicians should take ownership of their own health to set an example for their colleagues and the community, we’ve got you all taken care of. Dr. Vaishali Solao, Head and Senior Consultant – Critical Care at Fortis Hospital in Mulund.

Five Strategies for medical professionals to Take Control of Their Health

Exercise regularly:

As physicians, we often advise patients to engage in physical exercise or take a daily 30-minute walk since there are several advantages to doing so. However, because of our busy schedules, we fail to make the time for the necessary physical activity when it comes to maintaining our health. All medical professionals should start putting more emphasis on maintaining good physical health, increasing physical fitness, managing weight, and preventing numerous chronic illnesses.


Encourage mental health:

Working in the healthcare industry may sometimes be demanding and taxing. We often experience pressure when caring for patients. While we advise our patients to get professional assistance, it is as important for us to prioritize our mental health and get assistance when required. We can encourage our colleagues and the community to prioritize their mental health by talking honestly about mental health concerns and removing the stigma associated with seeking help.


Establishing a work-life balance:

As physicians, it may be especially difficult to draw lines between work and home. But doing this is crucial for maintaining our mental wellness. The location you go to recharge should be at home. This enables both the body and the mind to unwind and replenish the energy used during the day. We may concentrate on our interests and enjoy quality time with our loved ones throughout this period. By doing this, we show how crucial it is to lead balanced lives for the sake of both our friends and the neighborhood.


A healthy diet and sleeping patterns:

As doctors, we probably have a heavy job that makes it difficult to consume nutritious meals on schedule. Despite this, we still need to schedule time to consume nutrient-dense meals. Similar to eating, obtaining enough good sleep is crucial. Sleep is closely related to stress, physical activity, and a healthy diet. While maintaining a healthy diet, we should abstain from alcohol and tobacco use. As a result, we can motivate the locals to adopt a healthy diet and sleeping schedule.


Practice preventive care:

We consistently emphasize to patients and the general public the value of preventative healthcare. As recommended by medical guidelines, it is equally crucial to make sure we have regular checkups, screenings, and vaccinations. By giving preventive care first priority, we can show patients and our colleagues the value of early illness identification and prevention.


Doctors who take responsibility of their health improve their well-being and serve as role models for their colleagues and the community. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may also benefit one’s career.

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