Weekend workout: 7 exercises to do on Saturday and Sunday if you don’t get time on weekdays


Numerous workouts that may enhance your general health can be included into your weekend regimen, including walking, aerobics, yoga, and push-ups.

Weekend Warriors: Boosting Heart Health and Fitness through Weekend Exercise

Do you feel bad about not exercising at all throughout your Monday through Friday, five-day workweek schedule? Good news is here. According to a recent research published in JAMA, those who can exercise for 150 minutes, or 2.5 hours, on the weekends may reduce their risk of heart attack by 27%, as opposed to 35% for those who exercised more days of the week. In addition, they observed a 38% decrease in the risk of heart failure compared to 36% of daily activity. 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise may keep you healthy, according to health recommendations. (Also read: 6 ways skipping rope might help you lose weight during the monsoon season.)

In today’s world, when a regular day may start early in the morning and show no indications of finishing, many individuals are transforming into weekend warriors. However, adopting an active lifestyle on Saturdays and Sundays may help to some part counter the detrimental impacts of this sedentary lifestyle. Exercises that are included into your regimen on your off days, such as walking, weight training, cardio, Yoga, push-ups, and crunches, may assist enhance your heart health and general fitness.

Weekends are the ideal time to concentrate on personal well-being and make changes to lead a healthy lifestyle, according to Rohit Shelatkar, VP Vitabiotics Ltd.’s fitness and nutrition expert.

According to Shelatkar, including the following activities in your weekends may significantly alter your lifestyle, regardless of whether you are a fitness fanatic or are just beginning your road towards a more active lifestyle.


Outdoor activities

  • jogging or quick walking

Use the weekends to your advantage and go for a quick walk, run, or jog in your neighborhood or a local park. With this workout, a person may burn up to 300–400 calories. It’s a great approach to increase fresh air intake and cardiovascular fitness. Running is helpful for a better night’s sleep as well as your heart, lung, and endurance fitness. Running is a kind of exercise that benefits your whole body and strengthens your bones.

  • Select a sport

Sports allow you to maintain good physical and mental health in addition to having fun. Additionally, it lowers your stress levels. Any sport is beneficial for the body’s blood flow. In addition to strengthening your body’s muscles, participating in sports may help you breathe better. Your strength, stamina, and endurance all significantly increase. It also aids in developing lean muscle. Among the well-liked sports that may be performed are football, badminton, cricket, squash, and table tennis.

Exercises for an indoor workout

  • Jack-squats

Jumping jacks are a well-known and powerful aerobic workout that may increase your heart rate and increase your overall endurance. Put your feet together and keep your body erect. Jump with your feet apart and lift both of your arms in the air at the same time. After a certain number of repetitions or duration, return to your starting position and repeat.

  • Kneeling

Squats are a basic lower body workout that work the thighs, glutes, and lower back muscles. They contribute to greater strength, improved mobility, and improved posture and balance. Aim for 20 squats every day to benefit your legs and back if you are new to this workout.

  • Five pushups

A quick and effective workout to build strength is the push-up. They may be done anywhere and don’t need any special equipment. They assist in strengthening and stabilizing the upper body by working the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. A person who exercises regularly may do up to 300 push-ups, but the ordinary person should aim to complete 50 to 100 over the weekend.

  • Timber

Planks are a fantastic all-around workout that focuses on your core muscles while also working your arms, shoulders, and legs. Put your hands squarely under your shoulders and straighten your body as if doing a push-up to do this exercise. attempt to hold this posture for as long as you can; as you get more experience, attempt to extend it. Start out with only one plank per day and gradually increase that number to three to ten. Add side planks gradually to your weekend training routine to increase flexibility.

  • Crunches

Crunches are a crucial core exercise that tone your front abdominal muscles while also using your complete core. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor to do a crunch. Using your abs, raise your upper body off the ground, and then slowly bring it back down. To reduce strain, avoid tugging on your neck while doing the motion. Instead, concentrate on utilizing your abdominal muscles to perform the action. Anyone might opt to do crunches as an easy workout to stay in shape on the weekends.

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